Welcome to the label. We produce limited edition, artisanal pieces.

Welcome to the label and welcome to the family.

Alara The Label is built on the foundation of family. We travel the world, understand different cultures, get inspired by beauty everywhere, and make friends all over. Those who resonate with our values belong to the community Alara The Label embodies. 

Welcome to the label. We’re happy you’re here. 


About us.

Alara The Label is a lifestyle brand founded by a mother-daughter duo whose Mediterranean roots and Texas upbringing shaped their natural affinity for color, prints, and textures.

Handcrafted with versatility in mind, our pieces are designed for multifaceted functionality, intended to accompany you on your journeys as suitcase staples. As part of our commitment to slow fashion and sustainable practices, we only use materials needed to create zero waste.